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Our focus is on the current state of economics education and efforts to improve the economics curriculum with emphasis on materials and pedagogical techniques used to teach economics at the highschool AP level and college and university level.

Our Mission
NETA is a non-profit professional organization whose main mission is to serve economics faculty by helping them improve economics education at the undergraduate and high school (AP) levels. NETA is a co-sponsor of the annual Economics Teaching Conference, held each fall.
Consider presenting with us. Topics that we are actively seeking for our annual teaching conference include flipping the classroom, teaching economics through literature, economic simulations and role playing, distance learning and much more. Learn more about what we are looking for by clicking on the Presentations Topics tab above.
Our needs on not great but every little bit counts. Your contributions will help us defray the cost of web hosting, mail box rental, prizes and awards and a whole host of other incidental expenditures that helps NETA run smoothly. Just click on the Donate tab on the navigation bar.
Get Involved
We need help. Whether that is helping us find a new venue, recruiting major speakers and sessions presenters or even helping serve on the judges panel to help us pick our new economics teaching stars. We can't do this without you. Come and help us with some of the heavy lifting.
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