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Meet Our Board Members

Meet our board members. Most have served NETA since its inception and have also served as presented on numerous occassions at our annual economics teaching conferences.

Mark Holmgren

Board Member - professor of economics at Eastern Washington State University. His specialty areas are applied microeconomics, economics of education, and transportation economics.

Madelyn Young

Board Member - professor of economics at Converse College. She also served as immediate past president of NETA. Her research interests are in the areas of labor and urban economics, and economic pedagogy.  Her publications include articles on women’s leadership, interfirm wage differentials, and the spatial distribution of black employment. 

Linda Ghent

Board Member - professor of economics at Eastern Illinois University. Also served as past president of NETA. Her research interests are the economics of lotteries, voter choices on referenda, teaching methods and retirement decisions.

Gosselin Portrait in Library.png
Richard Gosselin

Board Member - professor of economics and the current Interim Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Houston Community College. Also founding president of NETA. His specialty is in the area of economics teaching pedagogy which include the Socratic method, learning through writing and economic logic.

James Hornsten

President - professor of economics at Northwestern University. His research focuses on asymmetric information problems in patent licensing and a theoretical analysis of the composition of corporate boards of directors. He also has broad interests in strategic interaction within complex regulatory environments. A veteran of several liberal arts colleges, he enjoys teaching industrial economics, business and government, microeconomics, and first-year writing seminars on current regulatory issues.

Patrick Murphy

Board Member - Associate Professor of Economics in the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance in the Donald R. Tapia School of Business at Saint Leo University. His professional and research interests include Economics of Education, Public Economics, Applied Economics, Urban/Regional Economics, Population Economics, Game Theory and Econometrics. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Florida State University.

Charles Newton

Board Member - professor of economics at Houston Community College. His main interest is economics teaching pedagogy. He is also one of the original founding members of NETA and a past president.

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